Throwing Light

by Larksburg

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“Throwing Light is an album devoted to self-care by way of singing songs that bring one closer to themselves. It serves as another benchmark reinterpretation of the band’s sound and overall purpose as a group. With the album being recorded years before its release, the writer’s original intentions have floated away from the lyrics, the words have become things that they too can listen to and feel like someone is out there rooting for them.”

Another musical departure, the band continues to show their ever-growing, varied sound through their use of synthesizers, warm guitars and reverb-drenched production. Much different than their previous efforts.


released May 31, 2018

For this release Larksburg is

Brett Hanley:
Guitar/Bass/Electronics/Glockenspiel/Omnichord/Melodica/Sampling/Additional Vocals/Piano
Cody Johnson:
Guitar/Piano/Banjo/Additional Vocals/Wheelman
Dominic Nohai:
Drum Kit
Simon Simone Defeo:
Spoken Words

All songs were originally written by Brett Hanley in 2016
Recorded by Hazel in all of our houses December 2016-January 2017
The first half of track 7 was recorded by Brett Hanley
Mixed by Hazel
Mastered by Tim Lindsay

Album art by Spencer Jordan and Brett Hanley


all rights reserved


Track Name: You're Totally Enough
You are enough of what you want to be
You have enough of what you want, you yearn to have

That's enough in my book

It's enough for me
should be enough for you
it's enough for me but I guess I'm easy to please

There is nothing that you have to live for with as
much value as yourself
It's not being selfish
it's being self caring and realistic
aren't those things that you want to be?
Track Name: Throwing Light (I Hold You)
Little Christmas lights strewn upon branches
a hallway outside you go through to get nowhere
bigger falls and subtler lulls
Help with my forefront thought not to be much anymore

Trail of light that I had thrown earlier

I hold you

I paint a golden image
as if it has more value than
an image
an image of little Christmas lights

I hold you
Track Name: Move Out Here
I didn't move out here
to watch you cry over the mailman giving
you stink eye
I didn't move out here
to hear you say
I wish we didn't move out here
I didn't move out here
to listen to you say
I wish we had more friends
and that you wish we didn't spend so much time inside
away from what friends we have
I didn't move out here
to hear you say
I wish we didn't move out here
I wish you didn't
go down that road with me
one with silver
Track Name: We Make Envelopes
We make envelopes with our hands
and fold them into snow
put rose hip jelly on our arms
pull time over the sore spots
Forrest pressed down flooring
the smell of ants my tongue is tasting
please, lay gracefully
your strong legs kicking me
in good weather
-slightly altered words by Simon Simone Defeo
Track Name: All The Honesty In The World
Kissing her until she cries
and laughing when your hair touches her eyes
I could never understand you no I could never understand you
But I deserve to be understood myself when I want to

What's left when I take away the part of you that makes people
want to accompany you?
Nothing, I said nothing
stop reading into what I have to say when I'm actually
meaning something this time
The dip of a plane in an old country
black tipped and made of steel
all held in paper scenes the kind of things
you'd hate to've actually seen
though you might say that you want to
the cigarette disappears
and I can no longer smell it
the freckles on the belly of 'H.S'
that's enough for a facet
He might not understand the way that you're moving
She might not understand the way that you're moving
They might not understand the way that you're moving

I know that you can be the kind of self portrait
who's got all the honesty in the world
Track Name: Gift (feat. Simon Simone Defeo)
Simon's parts:
(From the book 'i love you here's a gigantic worm')
First slit
fingers in melon
I'm full of blood in the moon
I'm dripping the things of an ancient witch
My stomach's speckled
Fingers spread
I'm sloshed in the bog
totally whorled against the heat of morning

20 second video clip
obliteration of hands and heart
what kind of spirit is that
I'm caught up in dark hands over my face
in something soaked in the froth of star jasmine
in the teeth of night
(this bit is slightly different in the book)
(From the poem "O")
the dungeon of shame
of hurt of home
the dark walls under tongue
a body of hurt a body of home
the bank, the limbs of shores
body new fresh hell
a moment in fresh hell
at the limbs of shores
give me 75 tough trees dotting my back;

light sweet petals
center of luck
let sweet time near here
let wish petals draft down
(Unique to the song)
I bring out sheets into air pushed
against every object on Earth
wind against the cloth of my cheeks
I put on a robe sheathed in the kind of
light that's touching licks of oil
a need to have the smell of grass
about me when I'm naked under a shroud of
the hair of flowers;
I gift this to myself
Brett's parts:
With crayon written over the pillow case
someone tries to remind
that which is difficult to remind
to leave speechless and uncanny is not a problem

Wild to think to grab an inch of it
worse to become one who thinks they're past that

If nothing more just a basket of more
Track Name: Yard
Never crashed my bike
into the neighbors' car
never cut my knee
jumping over the neighbors' yard
Track Name: I Need You To Survive
All I've ever wanted is to be respected
and though you are my creations
I need you to survive
You say that a lot of what I've created
is ugly and dated
but you try to focus on what's good
what's pretty what's pure
and what's good in your eyes
You don't need me to tell you
what's good
Tell you what's good in your eyes

All I've ever wanted is to be respected
and though you are my creations
like a god I need you to survive
You say a lot of what I've created
is ugly and dated
but you're still trying
to occupy your mind with
things that are pretty, pure, and
what's good in your eyes
You don't need me to describe
what's good in your eyes
You don't need me to describe
Track Name: I Appreciate You
No more, standing in door ways in between her figure and a form
called in sick with a packed streak
wish you had one in your life
I can make out light meandering down your thighs
I’m embarrassed from watching something like that happen
as a result of my own action

I appreciate you
That which you do
I appreciate that
Track Name: Three Chord Piece
So you're free from the world?
You're free from the world and that's fine
You're free from the world
We just wish we weren't free from you

Now I'm thinking of sentimental things
that you used to say to me
usually didn't have to say anything
but you did

That saved me
Or at least it made me feel something
Track Name: Tied With Locks Of Your Hair
I keep the light on I forfeit my luck
tied with locks of your hair I
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
There’s no steal
No car scratch no runaway villa
Turn to the wood block without a sound
Open and close your hands
Track Name: Catching Light
You make the sun look like a speck of dust
if you see me smiling it's just an aftershock
your initial effect on me hasn't worn off
You glass over me in a way that makes me
feel like I'm worth more than gold to you
so I'll catch every light you throw
I feel like I owe it to you

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