We Will Grow

by Hizi

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BH Another great release by Hizi, truly one of my favorite bands, no nepotism! Favorite track: We Will Grow.
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We Will Grow is an Ep consisting of three songs written by Matt Bailey with the individual parts written and arranged by the whole band. Matt wrote these songs in a time of great turmoil in his life and hopes that this music might help others going through drastic changes within their friend groups, relationships, or family lives. The first song, Nothing Mattress, is a song of longing for friends left in cities far away. The music embodies the waves of emotion Matt experience as he attempted to move away from his friends and start a life in another place. The second song, Silence is Deafening, is a song of abandonment. The song starts out with a beautiful spoken word feature by Adriana Jackson speaking of self hatred and the feeling of being hollowed out by another person. The song itself speaks to all those that have put effort into relationships that endlessly take from them. They desperately want to get something out of it so they give and they give, but in the end they realize they must leave with nothing to show for it but regret. The last song, We Will Grow, is the hopeful goodbye to past relationships. We all have experienced the pain of loss. The loss of a lover, a good group of friends, a family member. We all have shed tears over these losses and we, Hizi, wish you would let those tears inspire you to grow. Let them be the reason you want to live, change, experience, love, fight, and care for all those in your life, especially yourself. You all have so much potential. We hope you grow to know that.


released September 7, 2019

Matt - Guitar and Vocals
James - Drums and Vocals
Austin - Bass and Vocals
Rodrigo - Guitar and Vocals
Adriana Jackson - Spoken word
John Mayer - Trombone
Jonathan Lott - Trumpet


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Track Name: Nothing Mattress
Keep telling me nothing matters
Keep telling me I’ll be there to help
Even when you can seem to find laughter
Even when you can’t really help yourself

Even when you can’t really be there
Even when your miles away and I’m all alone and scared
Just tell me oh it’s going to be ok
I just need to make it through another day

I’m running out of tears living here
But i’ll shed more than i ever have laughing when your near

I love you and you know who you are
All of my friends who live in my heart
All of my friends whom I have to love from afar
All of my friends know no matter where you are

I love you
Call me whenever you want to
And visit if you can
But if you can’t

I understand
Life is tough
Even if you stay in one spot
But you and i belong
Together forever
Even when we’re dead

Throw you a welcome party in heaven
Or wherever the hell we end up
I just hope
I have your trust
Because you
Will always have my love
Track Name: Silence is Deafening
There’s not much left of me
Burned inside out left there to bleed
My hearts pumping sludge through my veins
Turned black from the ashes of my brain
I’ve burned inside out
Keep screaming but I can’t hear a sound
I can’t hear anything
Except my heart beating and beating

My happiness is fragile
But my hatefulness is firm
Reinforced by all your actions
Reinforced by all your words
I’ve grown tired of being nicer
I’ve grown tired of all the work
I’ve grown tired of my sadness
And overall lack of self worth

But I don’t wanna go to sleep
Cause I don’t wanna have to wake
I don’t wanna dream of the last time you held me
To help me feel safe
I need to keep hold of what is left of me
Keep hold of what is sane
You let the rest of me fall to pieces
Left it there like it was waste
Track Name: We Will Grow
You’re so pretty when you cry
Like when it rained last night
There is beauty
In the chaos behind your eyes
A storm formed from all the tears
You’ve shed in your life

Your eyes burn like flickering candles
Bleeding ink from your fingertips to find your way home
And whomever you’re with
You leave a mark on their mantle
So no matter where you are
They know they’re not alone!

If life is so tough what makes it worth all the work
Every connection I make just makes it worse
But those beautiful moments when were all together
Those are the moments when I know things’ll get better

And I know you know
This won’t last forever
But lives are broken
Lives are torn
And then they are sewn
Right back together

And I know I’m scared too of the tear and the needle
That what was sewn back together will never be whole
And I may be broken after loving so many people
But whats left of me will always be my

Oh I have grown
As the rain falls from our faces
To the ground
Oh we will grow
And thunder and lightning will boom
And shake all around

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