by KF Kid & STUF

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released January 12, 2019

KF Kid- Guitar, vox
Al Dente- Keys
Sunny Jim- Bass
Goofy Foot- Drums

Rob Wegner- Alto Sax on "Sadboi"

Songs written by KF Kid
Arranged by KF Kid & STUF

Album cover photo taken by Nicole “Mer” Torney
Album artwork by Frankie Khaled
Recorded at Grandma Donna’s by KF Kid & STUF
Mixed and Mastered by Noah Foley-Beining

KF Kid & STUF thanks Grandma Donna for letting us practice and record at her house, Christine Oortman for lending me Tonino’s drum mics, Tonino Peluso, Nicco Weisskoff for helping record drums on Sadboi and sharing your knowledge, Ali Sadeghi for lending your amp during recording, the Santa Rosa music scene for providing inspiration and community, SRJC music department for being such a great space to learn in. KF Kid personally thanks Al Dente for letting us use his desktop to record the album on.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Sadboi
Did you hear the news?
Sadboi left his room
Left his records for a while
He even cracked a smile

left his
sadness behind
left his
sadness alone

Misery loves his company
Saboi let him be
He'll find another
and you'll be happy

What's a sadboi if he's not sad anymore?

He's just a boy
Track Name: Straight of Gibraltar
I did the dead man's float
From Spain into Morocco
It was an accident I swear
I didn’t know where I would go

Closed my eyes
Held my breath
Laid back in the saltwater
That’s when I drifted across the Strait of Gibraltar

Walking through the city feeling like an island of me
So why not be the real thing and be an island in the sea?

I’m afraid of unknown depths and open water
Where the unknown sea creatures lurk at

I’ll just lie to my mind and tell myself I’m flying
These fears will subside by the time I reach Tangier

Whilst floating the water I am not in need of current news
And for my passport and visa they are as good as fish food
Don’t pass me your lifesaver, I am not in danger
If you need my identification you can wait til I’m done with my meditation

Little do they know
That I’m all alone
I need not shoot a flare
Cause I wanna be here
Track Name: Anti-Fame
I’m anti famous
No one wants to know me or take my picture
Or kiss me so I get to stay home
And do with the day as I please

I’m learning to be my own best friend
Shaking my own hands
Instead of being a punching bag
Hanging out with myself til nights end
Taking a second look in the mirror
Like man you’re not so bad

I’m anti-famous
No need to run
There’s no one in pursuit
Walk don’t run
There’s no one chasing you
I’m anti-famous

I like to go outside and not be recognized
A head bob at most is what I get from passersby

People in the street
Strangers to me
What a luxury
Track Name: Mattress Song
The warranty is up
It’s been 25 years and I’ve lost a lot of sleep
I’ve rolled miles in my bed
Slept side to side
On my back on my belly
Feet against the headrest

I can’t ever make up my mind
To lay my head or soul to rest
So I sleep on it
Again and again and again

I have spent a third of a quarter of a century
On a piece of foam that remembers me
But at least I have a legacy

I can’t ever make up my mind
whether to lay my head or soul to rest
Track Name: Mary
I'm still sick
You know this
You fill my prescriptions
I hand you thirty-five dollars
You hand me an orange bottle

Back to home I go
'Til night time
I take on dose
20mg of Lexapro

She works at the pharmacy
It gives me anxiety
She's so pretty
She remembered me
She had my prescription ready
Yea, she remembered me

I walk up to the window
Another bill, another pill
There she stands behind the glass
Track Name: GYFIO
I don’t wanna be here
It hurts too much
Is this what drives a man to drive drunk?
Let me go, please take me home

Ah why?
What did I expect?
That everything would be just fine everything would be just perfect?

That’s unlikely
You’ve moved on and I’m stationary

I’m okay with where I’m at
I just gotta move on from the past

I love you in a romantic way
And you love me platonically
And I guess that’s how it’ll stay

And I know it could be worse
But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt
Should I keep hope?
Man, I’m delusional

I lust you
I love you
How far have you let your heart run?

It’s out of sight
It’s in your gut
Stirring up your appetite


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